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SA-YQ40 Hydraulic Puller

SA-YQ40 Hydraulic Puller

The SA-YQ40 hydraulic puller is suitable for tying a rope. The bull wheel slots are made of heat treated steel. It can be combined with the hydraulic tensioner SA-YZ30A or SA-YQZ40.

​About E-Grid

​Ningbo Eastern Grid Power (E-Grid) is China leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying hydraulic brake tensioners for stringing operations, ideal to allow operations to be carried out with the highest accuracy, speed and safety.

Essential parameter

Maximum linepull (kN): 40
Continuous Linear (kN): 35
Maximum line speed (km / h): 5
Swivel wheel bottom groove diameter (mm):: 400
Number of swivel wheel grooves: 7
Maximum suitable steel rope diameter (mm): Φ16
Maximum diameter of the through connector (mm): Φ50
Engine power / speed (kW / rpm): 60/2000
Dimensions (mm): 3500 × 2000 × 2300
Weight (kg): 2500


​It is applied to traction in the process of paying off the wire, earth wire, OPGW cable and ADSS cable for Overhead Transmission Lines.


1. Negative self-acting hydraulic brake, in case of hydraulic failure ensure to safety.
2. Hydraulic dynamometer with set-point and automatic control of maximum pull, automatic overload protection.
3.Pressure loss automatic braking device is used to ensure the safety of system operation when loss of pressure in case of the engine suddenly stops or other causes.
4. Hydraulic oil cooling system.
5. With pull pre-setting system.
6.Hydraulic traction rope clamping device, automatic rope ,convenient to loading and unloading.
7. On board reel winder with automatic level wind, suitable for standard reel mod.
Remarks: we can supply all kinds of stringing equipment according to customers’ requirements.

Quality Control

We have the complete production equipments and professional production team to manage the whole process from production to packing shipment. All products will 100% test before delivery to ensure the quality.


Trailer type structure, rigid scaffold, attractive appearance.


We can supply all kinds of stringing equipment according to customers’ requirements.

SNDesignation and specificationnumberRemark
110 set double end solid wrench1
232-36 double end solid wrench1
350-55 double end solid wrench1
419-24 ratchet wheel wrench1Order number: 05104
510 set inner hexagon spanner1
6160mm gripping tongs1
710 inch monkey wrench1
84 inch plus driver1
94 inch minus screw driver1
102 pound hammer1
11Filter wrench 70-130mm1
12B series engine operation and maintenance manual1
13SA-YQ40 hydraulic puller instruction for use1
14SA-YQ40 hydraulic puller certificate of conformity1
Working pictures:
SA-YQ30 Hydraulic Puller

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